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As a bioinformatician with a strong background in mathematics, I look for avenues of solving complex biological problems with an aim of making life better. Part of this dream started at my masters, where I formulated one of the first mathematical model, describing the transmission dynamics of cassava brown streak virus from the vector (whitefly) to the plant and vice versa. Currently I use High Performance Computers (HPC), genomics and mathematics  to understand the evolution of the devastating Vector (whitefly). I believe our findings are vital for colleagues who are breeding cassava for resistance, chemical companies and extension field officers . Feel free to get in touch for collaborations, say hi or get more information about our work on my Blog.

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From Theory to Reality

Uncovering the evolutionary patterns of rate variation and systematics of the African cassava whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, is the major goal of my research at UWA in Dr. laura Boykin Lab. This is under aim 1, of the African cassava whitefly:  causes and sustainable solutions project led by Natural Resources Institute of the Greenwich University UK and is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Have a look of some of the project activities in Aim 1 led by UWA

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Latest update at UWA 2017

Dr. Laura Boykin, Project PI at UWA putting to light the work of the team. Please feel free to get in touch, collaborate or give feed back

One on one with farmers in Tanzania. 2016

The team from UWA visited cassava fields in Tanzania and Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute (MARI) to access the impact of CBSV and UCBSV. Avenues of fighting the spread of the disease were discussed


Thanks for your interest in my research. Get in touch with any questions or comments regarding my work and publications. I’d love to hear from you.

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The University of Western Australia, School of Molecular Sciences & Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in 
​Plant Energy Biology
M310, Crawley, Western Australia 6009


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